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10 Facts you Didn’t Know about TMT Iron Rods

What are TMT Iron Rods?

Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) iron rods are products of innovation and technological advancement in the construction industry. They have become the most common, essential and highly preferred materials in building and construction because of their strong bonding with concrete, great strength and better ductility. They provide better reinforcement to concrete structures and minimize damage caused by earthquakes, corrosion, and thermal agents.

Interesting Facts about TMT Iron Rods

TMT iron rods have many qualities that give structures undeniable benefits. Let us consider ten facts you probably did not know about TMT iron rods.

  • Thermo-Mechanical Technology
  • TMT iron rods are produced through a unique manufacturing process called thermo-mechanical-treatment where hot steel billets are passed through quenching process.

    The process hardens the outer surface of the iron rod, enhancing its tensile strength, while the inner core remains soft, increasing its ductility. This alteration in microstructure across the cross-section of the rod imparts enormous strength to it.

    They are generally used in construction for superior protection against earthquake and other natural disasters. To however ensure safety for your structure, TMT iron rods should be resistant to corrosion as this helps to obtain a longer life to your structure.

  • Uniform rib structure
  • TMT iron rod has uniform rib structure which makes it easy for it to bond perfectly with concrete and cement. This enables the iron rod and concrete hold each other in place and not exist as separate entities forced to stay at one place. The result of this is that the structure is given great strength to bear load and withstand external forces.

  • Peralite Inner Core and Core
  • The manufacturing process of TMT iron rod, which hardens the outer surface of the iron rod, and makes the inner core soft, enhances its tensile strength. This ensures that the structure is strong enough to bear extra load, durable and have long lifespan.

  • TMT iron rods are manufactured in grades.
  • TMT iron rod is produced in different grades. The grade is measured by the strength and rigidity. The grades are Fe-415; Fe-500; Fe-550, and Fe-600. Each grade has its properties and application. This means it is very essential to choose the right TMT iron rod based on its application and usage. Fe-415, for instance, has high uniform elongation and is used in areas which have moderate corrosion and that are prone to earthquakes.

  • TMT iron rods are corrosion and rust-resistant.
  • The manufacturing process of TMT iron rod gives it enhanced rust and corrosion resistance. It has the low carbon content which make it to withstand rust and corrosion, and enhance total life of the structure.

  • TMT iron rods have thermal resistance.
  • The right chemistry and physical properties of TMT iron rod ensure that the rods withstand high temperature, moist conditions and fire. Hence, it gives buildings and structures longer lifespan.

  • Suitable for all types of construction projects
  • The edge that TMT iron rod has over local iron rod is that it is used for all types of construction projects due to its excellent bendability and flexibility. TMT iron rod can be broadened or bent to suit your construction structure.

  • They are natural-disaster-resistant.
  • The unique manufacturing process of TMT iron rod makes it give a high level of ductility. This ensures that when buildings are shaken up during natural disaster, especially earthquake, it can retain its structure. This is the reason why TMT iron rod is highly preferred in major construction projects.

  • TMT iron rods have excellent flexibility and bendability.
  • The intensely advanced quenching process undergone by TMT iron rod hardens the outer layer, thereby giving the iron rod easy bendability. This quality means that TMT iron rod can be moulded into any desired shape without breaking and can be used for various construction purposes.

  • TMT iron rods are defect-free.
  • Also, TMT iron rods do not go through any deformation or twisting processes. This is why their surface is free from cracks and other defects. To know about Tiger TMT, the best TMT brand, click the link below.

Choose the genuine TMT brand

Tiger TMT iron rod has unmatchable strength, perfect ductility, thermal resistance, and other great qualities that make it suitable for all types of construction. It is used for commercial construction projects such as dams, bridges, high rises, corporate or individual buildings, industrial construction, heavy civil construction and other construction types that require high yield strength.

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