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How to Prevent COVID-19 on Construction Sites

As TIGER TMT iron rod guarantees strength for all types of construction and ensures safety, it is necessary for construction workers to adhere to approved health and safety measures on construction sites in this period of COVID-19 pandemic in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

  • The number of workers working at a go on a construction site or in the office should be limited in order to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • Workers who are sick should be encouraged to stay home. This measure should not be taken only when workers are critically ill but there should be constant checking of their temperatures.
  • Workers should be encouraged to report any safety or earth concern immediately to the authorities.
  • Wearing of masks should be enforced on construction sites and in all offices in the construction industry. The masks should be used to cover workers’ noses and mouths so as to prevent the spread of the virus.
  • There should be strict adherence to social distancing rule. Workers should ensure they maintain at least six feet distance and not have direct contact with their co-workers, contractors, suppliers, and visitors.
  • If necessary, there should be provision of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for workers. It will protect them from being victims of hazards, especially those related to construction activities.
  • Workers should be trained how to use all protective gears and dispose the disposables appropriately.
  • Personal hygiene should be promoted. Workers should cough and sneeze into their arms or use disposable tissues.
  • There should be provision of water and soap for workers to wash their hands regularly.
  • Before and after touching any tool or equipment, workers should wash their hands or apply alcohol-based hand sanitisers on their hands.
  • Construction sites, offices, tools and equipment should be disinfected before workers start working or touch them.
  • Used disposable masks, toiletries, and site toilets should be disposed appropriately.

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