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Choose the Genuine TMT

Decisions about building or construction projects should not be made hastily. This is because making hasty decisions may lead to wrong choices which are detrimental to the safety of those who will use the projects.

One of the most important resolutions which must be made decisively and carefully is the choice of iron rod to use for your construction project. You have heard that Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) iron rod offers many benefits when compared with local iron rod.

Hence, TMT iron rod is arguably the most important material in building and construction.

Without TMT iron rod, concrete, which is relatively poor at withstanding stresses induced by vibrations, wind loading, etc. is unsuitable for many structures. Concrete reinforced with top quality TMT iron rods have high thermal resistance and can resist the worst of natural disasters.

Qualities to Ask your Dealers while Selecting TMT Brands
In order to get premium quality TMT brand, you must demand the following qualities:

Rib Structure
A top quality TMT brand should not just be subjected to constant and repeated cooling, but it must be manufactured with the most advanced laser technology and precise, uniform and parallel rib pattern engraved through computer controlled notch making machines. This guarantees perfect bonding with concrete and ensure your safety.

In order to make the welding process hassle-free, the best TMT iron rods should possess low carbon content. The steel mesh should be devoid of any pre or post welding treatment for iron rods to be exceptional. This very characteristic of the iron rods makes it easier for the construction workers to use them very characteristic of the iron rods makes it easier for the construction workers to use them.

This quality helps civil engineers put their creativity into the field without worrying about the durability of the structure or any construction-related consequences.

High Temperature Resistance
A top TMT brand must contain the right chemical and physical properties that ensure that the rods withstand temperature.

As the iron rods undergo the intensely advanced quenching process, the outer layer is hardened. This process gives TMT iron rods easy bendability. Therefore, any TMT brand that possesses higher bendability can be moulded into any desired shape without breaking and can be used for various construction purposes.

Fire Resistance
High quality TMT brand must possess higher thermal stability which gives the concrete structure safer measures against fire hazards.

High Resistance to Earthquakes
The best brand of TMT should have proper chemical and physical properties that gives the structure high yield strength. This ensures that the rods withstand all earthquakes and other natural disasters.

ISO Certified
You should go for a TMT iron rod that is certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO). This certification ensures the quality of TMT iron rod. It means that the TMT iron rod with this mark is best in quality.

Greater Corrosion Resistance
Quality TMT iron rod must have low carbon content which gives it greater corrosion resistance as buildings are exposed to extreme corrosion.

Don’t forget reputation
It is advisable to purchase reputed TMT iron rods brand. This gives you peace of mind with unwavering assurance.

Is there any TMT Brand that Possesses these Qualities?

TIGER TMT iron rod possesses the qualities above and more. This is the reason why it is the most preferred TMT iron rods for all kind of construction purposes.

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