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Construction Projects that TIGER TMT Iron Rods are Suitable for

TIGER TMT iron rods are suitable for all construction types

The chemical composition, mechanical treatment, features, and technical specifications of TIGER TMT iron rods make them suitable for all types of construction.

They can be used in all general purpose concrete reinforcement structures; thermal and hydel power plants; high-rises; dams; bridges; houses, and other critical structures.

Description of some structure types

Individual Houses
TIGER TMT iron rods are used together with concrete in the main structure and other parts of a house. They are easy to set into place before pouring the concrete. They help to reduce the cracking and breaking that is common in concrete because of its brittle properties. They also provide high strength to concrete and make it last longer.

High rise complexes
TIGER TMT iron rods are used in high rise buildings to compensate for the susceptibility of the buildings to lateral forces action. The good rib structure gives them perfect bonding with cement and concrete as well as easy bendability and elongation.

The major construction materials used for concrete dams are concrete and iron rods. Concrete itself is made of cement, water, and materials collectively called aggregate that consist of sand or gravel but it is not strong. Hence, concrete is combined with TIGER TMT iron rods. TIGER TMT iron rods have perfect bonding with cement and concrete and this helps to avoid cracks.

Bridges are plied by heavy duty vehicles. So, in order to keep them standing and not crack or crumble, they are built with combination of concrete and TIGER TMT iron rods. This is because TIGER TMT iron rods are produced to guarantee unmatchable strength.

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We have professionals who are equipped with the latest equipment, accurate setup and arrangement for mechanical treatment that give TIGER TMT iron rods high yield strength and make them earthquake and corrosion resistant.

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