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COVID-19: Stay Safe with TIGER TMT

There is no better time to clamour that people should stay safe than now that the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging the world. We all need to stay safe to stop the virus from spreading in our communities. Governments have been forced to enforce total lockdown and restriction of movement in order to force people to stay at home.

In Nigeria, government and private business workers could not go to work during the lockdown.

However, the Nigerian government has relaxed the lockdown in the Federal Capital Territory, Lagos and Ogun States with the imposition of curfew from 10pm to 4am every day.

But let us face it, if we must stay safe, where should we go? All our movements revolve around our homes, places of work, markets, banks, etc. This means that we need shelter to shield us from bad weather or danger. Hence, if we must stay safe, we must stay under a structure that meets safety standards, not one cannot withstand mere whirlwind.

Any shelter that meets safety standards must be able to withstand natural disasters and other environmental hazards. It must be built with concrete reinforced with high quality TMT iron rod.

How to stay safe with TIGER TMT

One of the advantages that TIGER TMT has over other TMT brand is that it is produced with advanced 3D lacer technology which ensures proper bonding with cement and concrete. It passes through automated quenching process that gives it perfect ductility and high yield strength. This makes it resist earthquakes, and it doesn’t crack or break.

It can be bent because it has gone through fatigue test that gives it perfect elongation.

Automated labs and modern equipment are used to test the micro-structure that gives it perfect chemistry and the right carbon content to withstand any type of moist condition, extreme temperature and corrosion.

TIGER TMT also has thermal stability that ensures the safety of the structure during fire outbreak.

It is suitable for all types of construction such as commercial construction projects like dams, bridges as well as corporate and individual buildings.

All these qualities make TIGER TMT the most preferred TMT brand and provide long term financial benefits.

With continuous checks at every level and our quality team equipped with all modern testing facilities, we ensure that our products meet stringent norms and standard.

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