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COVID-19: TIGER TMT Guarantees Safety

Kingsley: It’s all about safety in this period of COVID-19 Pandemic.

Jennifer: Yes, one must keep oneself safe so that others will be safe and by extension, we will all stop the spread of the deadly virus.

Kingsley: When it comes to safety at home, offices, religious centres, etc what product comes to your mind?

Jennifer: It must definitely be a product that holds a building firm against natural and environmental factors.

Kingsley:Yes, you are right. So what product?

Jennifer: For me, it is no other than TIGER TMT iron rod.

Kingsley:That’s right. You are spot on.

Jennifer: Who will not know that? But there must be something that makes TIGER TMT iron rod ensure the safety of any structure and those using it.

Kingsley: Yes. That’s because it is manufactured with the most advanced 3D lacer technology which ensures proper bonding with cement and concrete.

Jennifer:That’s great! But there must be other factors.

Kingsley: Of course, there are many other factors. TIGER TMT passes through automated quenching process that gives it perfect ductility and high yield strength. This makes it resist earthquakes, and it doesn’t crack or break. It can be bent because it has gone through fatigue test that gives it perfect elongation.

Automated labs and modern equipment are used to test the micro-structure that gives it perfect chemistry and the right carbon content to withstand any type of moist condition, extreme temperature and corrosion.

TIGER TMT also has thermal stability that ensures the safety of the structure during fire outbreak.

It is suitable for all types of construction such as commercial construction projects like dams, bridges as well as corporate and individual buildings.

Jennifer: Wow! The qualities are indeed unmatchable.

Kingsley: Yes. That’s why as we are all trying to be safe in order to curb the spread of the virus, we stay at home, go to our offices, visit malls, markets and all other places where there are structures. If the buildings are not built with high quality construction materials, then we are not safe.

Jennifer: That’s true. We must canvass for safety in all areas.

Kingsley: So, please stay safe. At home, office and everywhere, stay safe!

Jennifer: Thank you. I will stay safe!

TIGER TMT… Strength guaranteed!

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