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How to Find Professional Architects for Building your House

The journey to building your dream home starts with a professional architect who is capable of incorporating your goals, specifications and needs into quality designs. The architect should be able to bring your dream home to life by taking your ideas from imagination to the drawing board, creating a design which is tailored to you and considering all possible obstacles so that you sail through the planning stage and move forward to building stage.

Also, the architect should be close to you for easy access, and to advise you on the construction. After all, what they design will be the place you call home – so choosing the right architect for you is perhaps one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

It seems quite easy to get an architect as there are many self-acclaimed architects around. The arduous task is getting a professional architect who ticks all the boxes above. It is, however, not a challenge that you cannot surmount.

The first step to getting an architect who knows their onions is to understand the roles, responsibilities, functions, and tasks of an architect in the construction process. The responsibilities of a professional architect span the entire construction process – it is not a one-off thing.

Role and Responsibilities of a Professional Architect

Architects perform various roles and responsibilities in the construction process. They design, plan the project and are responsible for the visual appearance of all construction projects. In the modern world, they are regarded as highly qualified and educated professionals who are registered members of a national professional body. Having gone through all relevant professional training requirements and passed the qualifying examinations, architects are given licenses to operate legally.

Architects collaborate with civil engineers, building contractors and other professionals to carry out and deliver designs. Their duties span through all the phases of the construction process from the initiation, meetings to the actual construction phase. They are contacted and appointed by individual, corporate or governmental clients, based on the type of project to be embarked on. Projects are delivered according to the needs of the clients and specifications set in the contracts.

Responsibilities of an Architect before Construction

An architect performs the following functions before the commencement of the project. These functions are prerequisite to the actual construction.

  • Project discussion
  • When a construction project is conceived by a client, an architect comes in to discuss the goals of the project with them. The architect researches land use codes, does budget analysis, schedule, and come up with design ideas and considerations. The architect also holds meetings and discussions with a team of building engineering professionals for the approval of the design, consideration of the client’s requirements, expected budget, site characteristics, as well as safety and required regulations.

  • Drawing
  • Architects incorporate the client’s goals and needs into some rough designs, clearly indicating the pros and cons of each option. A lot of revisions and re-drawings take place in order to add changes warranted by client’s needs, budget, regulations and feedbacks from engineers. After a design option has been selected, with all information pertaining to size, layout, and materials. Architects also draw 3D views to make the drawing clear and understandable. The design instructions and technical specifications must be created with other technical documents for contractors.

  • Seek bids
  • After the final designs, bids and proposals are submitted by contractors. The proposals of the bidding contractors are compared and contrasted to pave way for creation of cost estimates and timeframe of the project.

  • Selection of contracts
  • Architects are sometimes involved analysis and reports of contract bids by comparing them with the client’s budget and expectations.

  • Cost estimation
  • Architects visualize the project with their creative designs and create cost estimates. Cost estimation is done together with building contractors and engineers so that there will not be underestimation of cost of materials needed and other payments.

  • Building permit
  • Architects prepare and submit their drawings to regulatory agencies to obtain permit. They also work with builders so as to provide relevant information requested for the review processes.

Responsibilities of an Architect during Construction

The duties carried out by architects during construction stage include:

  • Interpretation of drawings
  • Architects interpret the drawing for the building contractor to give them better understanding of the design needs and the quality expected. They also work with the builder to ensure that the project is delivered on time and within budget.

  • Project review
  • Architects meet regularly on construction sites to review the work done to ensure that the execution follows the plans and address any issue that arises. They discuss subsequent scheduled construction items with the builder so that the materials needed, and other issues relating to building codes, interpretation of information are carried out.

  • Evaluation
  • Architects work with the builder to evaluate the best ways to achieve a quality project that meets standards within the budget created. They help the builder understand and execute the right information portrayed in the design in order to protect the client’s investment in designs and construction costs, as well as the safety of the users.

How to Get Professional Architects

The enormous nature and importance of the tasks architects are saddled with in construction coupled with the adverse effects hiring an amateur architect will have on the project and your investment is the reason why you should hire an architect who is not only qualified but also highly skilled and experienced in all the tasks above.

But how do you know a professional architect and do can you get one? To start with, you should consider the following qualities.

  • Academic and Professional Qualifications
  • You cannot take away the place of academic and professional qualifications when looking for an architect. A professional architect is first and foremost one who has gone through proper and relevant training, both theoretical and practical. Also, he or she should also have a professional qualification or certification as an active member of a recognized professional body. Hiring an architect with this quality will give you the assurance that you are in safe hands.

  • Creativity
  • A professional architect is one who possesses extraordinary creativity and productivity – that’s what modern architecture is all about. He should have the ability to design state-of-the-art structures that will defy the boundaries of aesthetics and quality.

  • Impeccable Design, Artistic, Drawing and Technical Skills
  • Hire an architect with amazing design skills who can design aesthetically appealing, viable and practical structures. Such architect should have the wherewithal of the latest technology and architectural tools, software, and drafting techniques.

  • Communication and Collaboration Skills
  • One of the truth revealed by the tasks enunciated above is that architects have to work with other disciplines engineers, builders, contractors and other. They must communicate well and collaborate for the successful completion of the project. They must be trained to work in a team environment to carry out work within everyone easily.

    So, hire an architect whose team spirit is second-to-none. He should be able to communicate his ideas, plans and thoughts to you and other workers on the team

  • Negotiation Skills
  • Professional architects are able to clearly communicate with their clients as well as the interior designers, engineers and staff with whom they work. They share their visions and ideas for a particular design excellent negotiation and communication skills.

  • Problem-solving Skills
  • Professional architects know how to address the problem and come up with possible solutions. They can suspect problems beforehand and re prepared in a way to solve them easily.

Final Words

Working with an architect that meets all the requirements boxes above will not only help bring your dream design to life but also give you enough assurance, peace of mind, and security on your investment.

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