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How to Select the Best TMT Iron Rods in Nigeria

Why you Need TMT Iron Rods

In Nigeria, if you want to embark on construction projects, be it residential, commercial, industrial or any other construction type, safety should be your top priority. This is important as reported cases of building collapse are on the rise. According to a report by the Building Collapse Prevention Guild (BCPG), Nigeria recorded 43 building collapse incidents in 2019. Lagos alone had about 17 of the total cases. The report further reveals that 59% of the collapsed buildings in Lagos State ere existing structures while 41% were under construction. The Guild had initially warned that 36,000 building collapses were waiting to happen in Lagos alone.

As a result of the cases reported, lives and properties were lost. One of the major causes of building collapse is the use of inferior building materials, especially iron rods. The strength of a structure is dependent on the quality of the iron rod used to reinforce concrete.

This is the reason why you have to be wary of using local iron rods, as they do not have the needed strength and ductility to give your structure the strength it needs to take in extra load, tension, vibration, wind and natural disasters. Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) iron rods have great qualities that make them the most preferred iron rods suitable for all types of construction.

Select Top Quality TMT Brand

In order to ensure the strength, durability and longevity of your structure, and ultimately the safety of construction workers, the occupants and users of the projects as well as your property, do not compromise on quality, select and use only trusted high quality TMT iron rod. Below are the qualities to look out for when selecting a TMT brand in Nigeria.

  • Unmatchable Strength
  • A top quality TMT iron rod should have a combination of high yield strength and flexibility that will make your structure withstand tensile load and remain strong for years.

    The TMT brand with this quality is ideal for all types of construction such as dams, bridges flyovers, concrete roads, industrial structures, underground structures, general purpose reinforcement structures made of concrete, individual houses and all critical structures.

  • Solid Bonding
  • TMT iron rod should have uniform rib structure which ensures that the iron rod bond perfectly with cement and concrete. By bonding perfectly with concrete and cement, the iron rod will give your building unmatchable and make it free of defects such as seepage, cracks and moisture. This improves the longevity, durability and ultimately the lifespan of the building.

  • Ductility of the TMT iron rod
  • TMT iron rods must have a softer inner part and a harder outter part harder that give them perfect ductility. Ductility makes the iron rod resist earthquake and other natural disasters. A good TMT brand should also undergo fatigue test which will give it perfect elongation and makes it bendable without cracking or breaking.

  • Weldability
  • In order to make the welding process hassle-free, the best TMT iron rods should possess low carbon content. The steel mesh should be devoid of any pre or post welding treatment for the iron rods to be exceptional. This characteristic of the iron rods makes it easier for construction workers to use them and helps civil engineers put their creativity into the field without worrying about the durability of the structure or any construction-related consequences.

  • Corrosion resistance
  • TMT iron rods should possess anti-corrosion properties that will give them the ability to bear huge load of a complete structure and protect it from spalling and cracking.

  • Reputation and certification
  • It is advisable to purchase reputed TMT iron rods brand. This gives you peace of mind with unwavering assurance. You should go for a TMT iron rod that is certified by the International Standards Organization (ISO) and CARES. These certifications ensure the quality of TMT iron rod. It means that the TMT iron rod with the mark of Authority is best in quality.

Use only TIGER TMT Iron Rod

TIGER TMT iron rods are the best iron rods for building and construction in Nigeria. They are produced through fully-automated thermo-mechanical treatment that gives them softer inner core and harder outer layer. This gives the iron rods unmatchable strength and perfect ductility which make them ideal for all types of construction.

TIGER TMT iron rods are also produced with the latest 3D laser technology that gives them perfect uniform rib structure, making them bond perfectly with concrete and cement. This strengthens buildings and makes them free of defects such as seepage, cracks and moisture.

More so, TIGER TMT iron rods contain perfect chemistry and the right carbon content which make them withstand rust and corrosion, thereby improving the lifespan of structures, and ensuring peace of mind than any other TMT brand.

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