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Qualities to Look out for in a Professional Builder

Building a home may turn out to be your biggest dream and investment; this is why it is no small feat. You have a picture of how you want the house to look like so you want nothing short of quality – a house that will serve you and many others after you. You do not want to commit the project into the hand of a mediocre builder but a highly professional who has qualities that cannot be denied. The question then is, what are the qualities you should look out for in a builder? The combination of the qualities below defines a great builder.

Possession of Relevant Qualifications and Licenses

A great builder must be a professional who has acquired relevant academic and professional qualifications as well as all required licenses in the field. The qualifications and licenses should be acquired legitimately after going through the necessary examinations and certifying the conditions attached. Also, the licenses should be valid. You should be careful of quacks who do not fulfil this requirement as there is no way to ascertain the adequacy of their acclaimed knowledge.


A builder must not just possess paper qualifications and licenses. They should be professional in deeds and conducts. A builder should have and maintain:

  • a permanent mailing address;
  • professional email address; and
  • social presence

If a builder changes his mailing or email address anyhow, and it is quite difficult to reach them at critical times, especially during construction process, you have to be careful. That is not a professional behaviour. A builder should be accessible at critical stages of the construction or renovation process. They should belong to the professional body of builders in the country where they operate so that their certification and qualifications can be ascertained.

Experience in Construction Industry

A professional builder should have enough experience in the industry. So it is important to know the number of years a builder has spent in the industry. You should also request for evidence of high quality building projects the builder has constructed over the years. You do not want to join the growing list of homeowners who are now regretting patronizing inexperience individuals who claimed to be professional builders. A professional builder should have established reputation for quality products and projects. Ensure you check and evaluate a good number of successful quality projects the builder has carried out. A builder should also have the ability to come up with creative ideas and solutions to construction or renovation issues that arise at any stage.

Safety Consciousness

The top priority of any professional builder is to build a house or any other construction project that meets all safety codes and guidelines. The safety of the construction workers and the occupants of the building is important, and it is the hallmark of a trusted builder. This must be evident both in their procedures and their finished products.

Good Listener and Collaborator

A professional builder understands that they have to work with other experts such as supplier, subcontractors, architect, interior experts, concrete layers, and you, the homeowner. Hence, your builder should be a good listener and a team player who has good communication skills and is ready to transform your vision and perspectives into reality.

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