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Key Things to Consider when Building your Dream Home

One of the basic needs of man is accommodation. There is always peace of mind for everyone who has a roof over their head, especially in this part of the world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find a place one can call a ‘home’.

However, the dream of everyone is not just to have a ‘roof’ over their head but to own a home because it makes one more comfortable. More so, having a piece of property is a form a stable financial investment that other generations will even benefit from.

Though building a home has many undeniable benefits, it takes a lot of planning as it is not a project that one can dabble into without giving it enough thought. Hence, there are many factors that must be considered when embarking on this great endeavour. Let’s consider a few very important ones.

What is your budget?

You have to make a realistic budget as it will be the determining factors for other things. You must be thorough in order not to miss out the things you will certainly need. Get accurate estimate for the following:

  • Cost of purchasing a land:
  • Cost of drawing a building plan:
  • building plan approval fees and other fees payable to regulatory agencies;
  • building costs; and
  • finishing costs, etc.

What design do you want?
After making an accurate budget, how do you want the building to look like? People have different tastes. Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder. What looks beautiful to someone may be appalling to you. But your choice of design can be determined by your budget.

After making your choice, you need to contact a good architect who can visualise the picture you have and put it in the right perspective.

You need to get a contractor
If you want a building that will not just make you comfortable but also be a source of investment and outlive you, you need a good building contractor or a construction company.

You must choose a reputable contract or construction company that will deliver quality work that you will be proud of.

Get quality construction materials
Now that you have succeeded in deciding the above, you must insist on top quality building materials. The quality of the materials you use will unarguably determine if your house will still be standing unscathed years to come.

You need to reinforce your concrete with high quality TMT iron rods which will make your building stand irrespective of the natural disasters or environmental hazards.

Insist on TIGER TMT Iron Rods
Don’t settle for less. TIGER TMT iron rods have good rib structure that gives them superior bonding with cement and concrete. They are produced with high yield strength. Insist on TIGER TMT iron rods if you want comfortability, great strength and longevity.

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