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Are you a builder? Be part of the growing list of professional builders who have made TIGER TMT iron rod, which is the best iron rod in Nigeria, their first choice.

Importance of Iron Rod in Construction Process
Iron rods are a major input in the construction process. Either in residential building, institutional and commercial building, specialized industrial building, or infrastructure and heavy construction, reinforced concrete is intertwined with iron rods to strengthen and hold the concrete in the tension.

Though concrete on its own is strong in compression, it is relatively weak in tension. Hence, iron rod is important to compensate for such deficiency. Casting iron rod into concrete, it is able to carry tensile loads. This increases overall strength.

The Best Iron Rod for Construction
There are different iron rods but the best is Thermo-Mechanically-Treated (TMT) iron rod. In the manufacturing process of TMT iron rod, hot steel billets are passed through quenching process. This makes the surface hard and keeps the core warmer and softer.

This is the reason why the steel is ductile, corrosion-resistant and has good weldability, when compared with local iron rod.

TMT iron rods have less residual stresses and are used in construction to protect against earthquake and other natural disasters.

Make TIGER TMT your first choice
As a professional builder, you should not just choose any TMT brand; make TIGER TMT your best choice. TIGER TMT iron rods are high quality iron rods for superior bonding with concrete. They are produced with unmatchable yield strength.

You can use TIGER TMT iron rods in:
  • general purpose concrete reinforcement structures
  • thermal and hydel power plants;
  • high-rises
  • dams
  • bridges
  • houses
  • other critical structures
Why you should make TIGER TMT your first choice
Solid Bonding

TIGER TMT is produced with advanced 3D lacer technology which ensures proper bonding with cement and concrete.

High Temperature and Fire Resistance

TIGER TMT contains accurate chemistry and physical properties that make it withstand extreme temperature. It also has thermal stability that ensures the safety of the structure during fire outbreak.

Strength Guaranteed

TIGER TMT is produced with high yield strength. This makes it ideal for commercial construction projects such as dams, bridges, high rises, corporate or individual buildings, industrial construction, heavy civil construction and other construction types that require high yield strength.

High Resistance to Earthquakes

It has perfect ductility that makes it resist earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Better ductility and Malleability

TIGER TMT passes through automated quenching process that gives it perfect ductility. This enables it to withstand natural disasters. More so, it can be bent without breaking or cracking because it has gone through fatigue test that gives it perfect elongation.

Excellent Weldability

TIGER TMT iron rod also has excellent weldability without loss of strength at welded joints.

Greater Corrosion Resistance

TIGER TMT contains low carbon content that gives it greater corrosion resistance. This makes it superior in quality compared to other brands.

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Build House for Generations

Having the desire to build a house is very good. However, you should not just be interested in building a house but one that many generations after you will cherish and call home. After all, what is the essence of building a house that cannot stand the test of time and outlive you?

But how would you achieve this great feat?

  • What would the house look like?
  • What location would you prefer?
  • How would you get a professional architect that can picture the dream you have?
  • What kind of building materials would you use?

The most important of all the questions above is the one on building materials. This is true because a house that is built for generations will fulfil certain conditions. The quality of the materials used will determine if the house will:

  • be able to survive with or without people living there
  • be able to survive the worst of natural disasters
  • not deteriorate, crack or spall
  • not be razed down by fire, no matter how raging it is
  • not affected by weather; and
  • not crumble as a result of climate change

A modern house that will fulfil the conditions above must be built with concrete reinforced with high quality iron rods because such a house requires high capital outlay and quality implications. A reinforced concrete structure with corrosion-resistance will last long.

Build with Thermo-Mechanically-Treated Iron Rods
If you are interested in building a house that will benefit generations, you must insist on high quality TMT iron rods. TMT iron rods give buildings high yield strength as they have a soft inner core wrapped in a hardened outer surface. They contain the right chemistry and go through automated cooling process. They also possess combination of tensile strength and ductility.

They are used in construction for enhanced protection against natural disasters, fire outbreak, moisture, corrosion and extreme temperature.

One of the advantages that TIGER TMT has over other TMT brands is that it guarantees unmatchable strength and has good rib structure which ensures proper bonding with cement and concrete.

It has perfect ductility. This makes it resist earthquakes, and it doesn’t crack or break.

TIGER TMT also has the right carbon content which enables it to withstand any type of moist condition, extreme temperature and corrosion.

TIGER TMT has thermal stability that ensures the safety of the structure during fire outbreak.

All these qualities and more make TIGER TMT suitable for all types of construction, ranging from high rises, dams, bridges and all critical structures where high yield strength is required, and offer you long term financial benefits.

With continuous checks at every level and our quality team equipped with all modern testing facilities, we ensure that our products meet stringent norms and best practices.

Building Your Dreams

One of the dreams cherished by everybody is to be a homeowner. It is believed that shelter is the basic need of man after food. But the dream of some very ambitious people does not stop at just building a home. They have the desire to embark on other large building projects such as office spaces, plazas, or shops to rent out.

Whichever one you are interested in, there are crucial steps you have to take to make your building/construction project a reality. You have to engage in thorough planning in order not to encounter hitches that may lead to abandonment. Here are some ideas for you.

Let your dream be bigger than you

Having a dream that is bigger than you means that you should not just dream of embarking on a building project. Dream of building/construction project that will be a source of pride not only to you but also to your family and everyone who beholds it right from the foundation level to the completion stage. To achieve this, you have to:

  • come up with accurate budget/costing
  • patronise a team of professionals; and
  • purchase only high quality building materials
Get accurate budget and costs

You have saved or gathered money for your dream house or that big project. Your planning should not stop there. You have to make a list of everything you need. Ensure you do not miss any important detail. This will enable you to know if the money you have is enough or you need to source for more funds.

Your budget should cover:

  • the cost of land in your preferred location;
  • architectural designs;
  • payment for necessary approvals;
  • cost of building materials from start to completion stage;
  • and cost for the general construction.
Get a team of professionals

In order to build a solid structure that will be long-lasting, you need the services of professional architect, builder, dealer, suppliers, exterior and interior designers. The architect will help with a quality design just the way you have always pictured it. The builder will ensure that your building meets all safety standards. The dealer’s duty will be to liaise with the suppliers to ensure that only quality building materials are acquired.

You will not get the building/construction project of your dream by patronising roadside or self-acclaimed building designers and contractors.

Buy only genuine building materials

Your journey to building a solid structure will be consolidated by patronising professionals and buying genuine materials. One of the decisions you will have to make is the choice of iron rods to use. This is because iron rod, combined with concrete is the major component that will give your building a long lifespan.

What then do you need to do?
Buy only TIGER TMT iron rod. It is the best and high quality TMT brand that trusted by builders.

Reasons why you should buy only TIGER TMT iron rod

TIGER TMT is produced with high yield strength that makes it suitable for all types of construction, and ensure comfortability and longevity. It has good rib structure that offers perfect bonding with cement and concrete.

TIGER TMT also has better ductility that makes it resist earthquakes. It can be bent without breaking or cracking because it has gone through fatigue test that gives it perfect elongation.

TIGER TMT contains perfect chemistry and the right carbon content that enable it to withstand any type of moist condition, extreme temperature and corrosion.