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Buy Online For Corporate Buyers

This service is for our corporate clients who are into commercial construction projects such as dams, bridges, corporate buildings, industrial construction, heavy civil construction, other government-related projects, and require direct and very fast supply of large quantity of TIGER TMT iron rods.

We offer you online buying option where you will get direct and timely supply of genuine TIGER TMT iron rods that meet your requirements without any hassle. This is to help avoid delay in your construction projects. Irrespective of the magnitude of your construction project, TIGER TMT iron rods provide unmatchable strength that will make it remain unscathed for many generations.

Though all our customers are immensely valued, this service is meant to meet the needs of our corporate buyers purchasing above 100 tons.

Benefits of Using This Platform

  • You will get TIGER TMT iron rods directly from us at the right company price.
  • You are guaranteed only quality and original TIGER TMT iron rods.
  • We get you covered for the large quantity of iron rods needed for your big construction projects.
  • You will get immediate response, coordination and supply from us.
  • By dealing with us directly, you are rest assured of direct and timely service delivery.
Fill Out Your Order

We have our distributors spread across all the states of the federation from where you can get genuine TIGER TMT iron rods for your construction projects.
Irrespective of the quantity you want to order, you are rest assured of excellent quality product and service delivery.

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