What Makes TIGER TMT unique - TIGER TMT

Excellent Weldability

The microstructure of TIGER TMT iron rods is tested through our automated labs and most modern testing equipment which give every iron rod perfect chemistry, ensuring that it contains low carbon content.

The right carbon content and the high yield strength of TIGER TMT give it excellent weldability without loss of strength to welded joints.

Due to its weldability, which is superior to local iron rods, TIGER TMT can be welded into various shapes and stretched to suit architectural and design needs, as well as constructional measurements, thus giving architects and design engineers the freedom to innovate designs without compromising the strength of the structure.

This quality also makes it easier for the construction workers to use TIGER TMT iron rod without worrying about the durability of the structure or any construction-related consequences.

TIGER TMT can be butt-welded or lap-welded without reduction in strength. This means that with TIGER TMT, you have the liberty to shape your dream home to be an architectural wonder and still be assured of safety in the long run.

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