What Makes TIGER TMT unique - TIGER TMT

Greater Corrosion Resistance

TIGER TMT iron rods have greater anti-corrosion properties enabled by the automated labs and the most modern testing equipment which are used to test the micro-structure.

This gives the iron rods the perfect chemistry and the right carbon content, thus providing them with the ability to withstand rust and corrosion.

Corrosion resistance in TMT iron rods is a critical factor in construction because corrosion has direct effects on reinforced concrete structures. It weakens the structure; reduces the bonding strength of the materials, limits the ductility, and reduces the shear capacity of the building.

Hence, by resisting corrosion, TIGER TMT iron rods are able to bear huge load of a complete structure, protect it from spalling and cracking, and enhances total life of the structure.

The composite and uniform micro-structure of TIGER TMT iron rods also gives them superior corrosion resistance properties as compared to local iron rods. Through this, even when the iron rods are exposed to water for longer periods, particularly during construction projects, rust doesn’t form on the surface.

The assurance of the quality and standard of TIGER TMT iron rods is restated by the fact that it is free of surface defects, which makes them perfect at withstanding torsional stress, thus making them highly corrosion-resistant.

TIGER TMT iron rods undergo unique tests to check for rusting through stringent salt corrosion testing methods.

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