What Makes TIGER TMT unique - TIGER TMT

High Yield Strength

Irrespective of the type of construction projects they are embarking on, one of the aims of architects, builders and homeowners is to ensure safety of the structure.

TIGER TMT iron rod passes through automated quenching process that gives it unique high yield strength. This gives buildings and structures enough strength to withstand the stress of loads they are designed to bear.

The unmatchable strength is also made possible by the uniform rib structure of TIGER TMT which enables it to bond perfectly with concrete and cement.

This ensures that when stressed beyond yield strength as is usually the case during earthquakes and other natural disasters, TIGER TMT will absorb the stress with ease and to a much greater extent without any danger of sudden rupture.

TIGER TMT also gives superior flexibility to concrete structures and can withstand any dynamic loading due to the excellent strength of its surface layer.

This makes TIGER TMT an essential choice for super strong structures, and suitable for all types of construction such as dams, bridges flyovers, concrete roads, industrial structures, underground structures, general purpose reinforcement structures made of concrete, individual houses and all critical structures where high yield strength is required without compromising on the elongation properties.

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