What Makes TIGER TMT unique - TIGER TMT

Perfect Ductility and Malleability

TIGER TMT iron rod goes through the most advanced and fully-automated quenching process that makes the inner part softer and the outer part harder. This gives it perfect ductility and malleability which are critical properties in any type of construction project.

TIGER TMT iron rod also undergoes fatigue test which gives it perfect elongation. This means the iron rod is able to elongate to a larger extent and withstand higher stress during earthquakes and other natural disasters.

By resisting earthquake, TIGER TMT gives buildings and structures durability and ensures that they last longer. The ductility also gives architects and design engineers the opportunity to create great designs they have always pictured, and contributes immensely to complex construction requirements.

More so, TIGER TMT has great bending properties as a result of its composite and uniform micro-structure. It can be bent at exact angle and easily shaped without cracking or breaking, as TMT iron rods are required to be bent and moulded into various shapes based on requirements at construction sites.

TIGER TMT has been tested and found to uniformly maintain its ductility in repeated cycles, giving great shock-absorber capacity that prevents the collapse of buildings during earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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