What Makes TIGER TMT unique - TIGER TMT

Solid Bonding

Concrete and TMT iron rods must act together in reinforced concrete structure even though they are two different materials. This is to give the structure ability to bear the huge load it is designed to bear, and resist forces. However, this can only happen when the concrete holds the TMT iron rods firmly to form the strongest bond through unique rib pattern of the iron rods.

This is why TIGER TMT iron rods are produced with the most advanced 3D Laser Technology that gives each rod a uniform rib structure. This special ribbed design makes TIGER TMT iron rods form a stronger bond with concrete and cement, thus providing additional support and unmatchable strength to the whole structure.

This is in contrast to local iron rods which have non-uniform rib structure and weaker bonding throughout the structure.

Also, due to the good chemistry that gives TIGER TMT iron rods good surface and the critically-designed ribs that enable it bond well with concrete and cement, their fatigue strength is greatly superior to local iron rods.

Hence, by bonding perfectly with concrete and cement, TIGER TMT iron rods improve the durability, longevity, and lifespan of buildings and structures by making them free of defects such as seepage, cracks and moisture which can cause structural damage.

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